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home/performance – alice old

I met Alice as a neighbor, and soon my life was centered around our houses and Hampstead village. She was quite young at the time and – even more so than now lost in a fantasy world, in and out of touch with reality and obsessed with dreams.

Alice isn’t a born performer, she played Alice in Wonderland at age 5 on the same stage as this (her mother Leonie owns the theatre) this production is a reprisal of 15 year old part. The character is perfectly suited to her, more than sharing the same name – Alice (in wonderland) is lost in a dreamlike world, an allegory for the real Alice’s life.

Her home is a quiet residential enclave far up into North London where she lives with friends and the landlord, its a contrast to the elegant squalor of her previous flat in Hampstead which she shared messily with a posse of teenage girls. The domesticity of the place has a calming influence on her creativity and it feels like she doesn’t quite fit in.









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May 23, 2009 at 12:45 pm

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