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George was always part of my circle of friends, having become recently closer, working with me curating art exhibitions. He can be a quiet person, only interested in talking when something really interests him. However when his ideas and thoughts materialise its hard to stop them rolling out of his head. He is softly spoken yet extremely physically strong, expert in kung fu. I photograph him as a sculptor, which I see as the dominant part of his creative output, as opposed to his bass playing alter ego, in the heavy metal band ‘Blood Meridian’.

I chose to include a visual artist to go with the performance artists as I feel that George projects his character and mindset through the sculpture and in exhibiting them presents them as a performance of ideas. Likewise as the art has its own character and life, observers interact and react to it similarly to the audience at a musical or theatre performance.

George lives in Hackney Wick, a typically creative area with two other visual artists and a cat in a warehouse space. He has a small bedroom and a sculpture studio built into the space. The rooms reflect his scruffy yet peaceful self, elegantly decaying and very silent.










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May 23, 2009 at 12:44 pm

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