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home/performance – richard evans

A new friend of mine, we met through the arts collective, which bind us all as friends. We got on well and I have since started to produce music with him. He has quite a serious expression, which doesn’t necessarily reflect what’s going on in his head – he has a very playful outlook, obsessed with experimental music and obscure art. His clothes also defy his serious demeanor – he wears very bright colours, especially socks.

Despite being a long time recording artist, these images are of his first ever live gig. Being extremely nervous he clipped a yellow card holding his lyrics onto the mic stand, doubling as a shield for his face; a strange way of presenting himself to the audience.

He lives with his flatmates, although a solitary character he interacts with them with comfortable ease, having recently moved out from living with his ex-girlfriend of 10 years. The present period can be seen as something of a renaissance in his life, he is learning to have fun and play again, losing the role of boyfriend which he assumed almost too seriously.










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May 23, 2009 at 12:48 pm

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