mike massaro

music photographer

seven sins shoreditch

butterfly wheels latest exxxtravaganza of installation/circus/dance/clowning/surreality… shot some portraits on the steps of shoreditch church

untitled- 002.jpg untitled- 003.jpg untitled- 004.jpg untitled- 001.jpg untitled- 005.jpg untitled- 006.jpg untitled- 007.jpg untitled- 009.jpg untitled- 010.jpg untitled- 011.jpg untitled- 012.jpg untitled- 013.jpg untitled- 014.jpg untitled- 015.jpg untitled- 016.jpg untitled- 017.jpg untitled- 018.jpg untitled- 019.jpg untitled- 020.jpg

Written by mikemikefoto

July 20, 2010 at 12:10 am

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